Equal Chances for a Decent Future

Project-Coordinating Organization: Miras - Moldova Public Association
Location: Region of Gagauzia, Republic of Moldova
Project duration: 6, 9, 12 months

Field of Work: Children & Youth 



The project aims to draw attention to socially vulnerable youngsters and assist those in need of special support and care. Volunteers will work with youth at home, assisting the family and providing one-on-one services, but they also will work with a team of social workers in two different day care center for people with disabilities.


Locations of the project Equal Chances for a Decent Future:

  1. "Fidanjik,” center for disabled youth located in Comrat. Fidanjik was founded on September 12, 2001 with the support of the local government. The center has the capacity to host 30 children. Center staff work with children to build skills to improve their personal and social lives within the local community.

  2. Volunteers may also have the opportunity to work in an other day care center in Chirsova, a village 7 km in the south of Comrat.

  3. Volunteers provide home-based services in homes of disabled youth.


Project Objectives:

  • To work with children and youth with disabilities and to prepare them to integrate into society

  • To provide individualized health services to meet the needs of  disabled children; services include personal hygiene, healthcare, housing assistance, literacy classes, psychological evaluation, cultural activities (music festivals, music classes and handiwork) and sports activities

Learning Opportunities and Professional Experience for Volunteers:

  • Experience in the field of social assistance

  • Understanding the different support systems of youth with varying mental and physical disabilities

  • Getting to know the work of the different groups who serve disabled individuals (professional staff, young people completing a year of alternative civilian service or their voluntary social year, other European volunteers) and exchanging experiences

  • Developing new ideas and realizing interests in daily work

  • Gaining exposure to new life styles by working and living with people from different cultural backgrounds. Volunteers will learn to collaborate with foreign people and navigate unfamiliar situations, which may include conflicts that might arise from different points of view and experience

  • Becoming familiar with social and cultural activities in Chisinau and its surrounding areas

  • Participating in internal professional development activities

  • Gaining specialized knowledge of the local health care and nursery system



















Description of the Volunteer’s Role:
Volunteers will work with disabled individuals in designated communities in Gagauzia and provide home-based services. Volunteers will also partner with qualified members of staff in residential facilities that provide day services for program participants.

Miras-Moldova administrators will assign volunteers tasks based on prior consultation with staff members of partnering organizations. Participants are encouraged to develop ideas for new games, activities or stories as a personal project - creative ideas are always welcome!

The remainder of a volunteer’s time will be spent assisting with other aspects of work at the center, including serving meals to youth, cleaning and preparing equipment, planning activities and facilitating classes.

Duties Include:

  • Assisting teachers and organizing leisure time for children

  • Playing with children, utilizing creativity and games from previous experience

  • Helping to organize tours and lead groups of children on excursions

  • Participating in crafts workshops

  • Organizing and performing in theatre and music groups

  • Helping children with daily needs and responsibilities

  • Like all staff members of partnering organizations, volunteers are expected to carry out some routine work:

  • Preparing group rooms for youth activities

  • Cursory cleaning of group rooms at the close of the day’s activities

  • Maintaining work materials

  • Assisting with meals 



Project language: Mosty Russian, some staff members have basic german or english knowledges.
Accommodation: In host families

Interested candidates should send their CVs and motivational letters to miras.moldova@gmail.com as soon as possible! Please, mark the subject line: EVS in "Miras-Moldova"

"Fidanjik" was founded on September 12, 2001 with the support of the local government. The Center currently has the capacity to host 30 children. Beneficiaries of the Center are working on building an active personal and social life with the help of local community members.