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Concert "Duz-Ava" honoured Semön Pometko

Dance during the concert

Last Sunday the “Culture House Comrat” was full to watch the traditional dance and music band "Düz-Ava" that was founded in 1971 and this year celebrated the 49th anniversary of the band's creative activity.

The theatre was waiting so expectant to watch and listen to the young dancers. During the event the public have seen and listened to the theatre and musical work of the founder Semön Pometko.

Tatyana Schegoleva, the director, affirms that the date of the concert was chosen on 16 of february, because of Orthodox Christians celebrate Saint Great Martyr Semyon's Day.

The concert honoured Semön Pometko and his wife came on stage to receive a bouquet of flowers and she dedicated a few words to the Gagauz people, the audience and the culture of Gagauzia.

Since the foundation of this song has become increasingly famous and nowadays the band “Düz-Ava” is the treasure for Gagauz culture. Their songs were played and danced in many countries like Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey…

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