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“Dädunun – Babunun Keçisi" - Gagauz Tale

Oral tradition is formed by cultural expressions that are transmitted from generation to generation with the purpose of disseminating knowledge and experiences to the youth. When we think about folktales we realize that many stories in different countries have developed the same moral. That brings a thought about the common topics we try to teach to our kids.

This is one of the many reasons why popular tales are interesting; they allow us to compare our cultural backgrounds and discover how the same topics have been addressed in each region of the world, giving a wider understanding of the social development of each culture.

In Miras Moldova, we are trying to bring a part of the Gagauz culture by collecting its popular tales. We are visiting every Gagauz village, compiling the folktales people know, and understanding how these stories have changed when they told them to their grandchildren. Usually, while the tale and its moral still the same, the purpose changed and that gives a new dimension to the tale in each generation.

The tale you are about to read was collected in Cazaclia. You can find the whole analysis of the stories and their contexts on our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCicee4rh3EBuuiV8-SMpo9Q

“Dädunun – Babunun Keçisi”

Once upon a time, a grandma and a grandpa lived in the middle of the forest. One day, the grandma wanted to eat goat meat but her husband didn’t want to harm any of their animals. The goat was proud because it knew they would not eat it.

One morning, the grandma was sweeping the entrance, and while sweeping, one little spike cut the goat’s tail. The old lady started to yell:

- Where are you, grandpa? Come here, come here. The goat’s fat is leaking.

As soon as he heard the screams, the grandpa went to the entrance. He grabbed the goat, took a blunt sickle and started to skin the goat. But before he was finished, the goat ran into the forest with its skin still hanging.

Once in the forest it saw a beautiful house with nobody in it and got inside. This was the rabbit’s house. When the rabbit came back the goat didn’t let it go inside. The rabbit knocked on the door and screamed once, twice and three times, but no one opened the door. So the rabbit warned the goat:

- My dear, come out or else… If I go in, I will tear you apart. - I don’t care. I am grandma’s goat -̶ replied the goat -̶ If I go out I will ram you.

When it heard that answer, the rabbit got scared, and stood by the door, crying. At that moment, a fox approaches the rabbit and asked it:

- Why are you crying? - How can I not cry when the goat stole my home? The rabbit said. - Don’t worry! I will kick the goat out.

So the fox went to the door and said yelled:

- My dear, come out or else… If I go in, I will scratch your eyes”. - I don’t care. I am grandpa’s goat -̶ the goat said -̶ If I go out I will ram you.

As soon as the fox heard the answer, fear ran through its body. So it stood by the door, crying with the rabbit.

Other animals heard the story of the goat and decided to help the rabbit. A wolf came, and also a bear, and a herd of cows, but they didn’t manage to get the goat out of the house.

Eventually, a small wasp passed by and saw all the animals crying n front of the house and it asked them:

- Why did you all gather here? Why are you crying? - How can we not cry if a goat stole the rabbit’s house and we can’t kick her out? -̶ they answered-̶ It took its house. - I will get the goat out of the house -̶ the wasp told them. - Who? You?-̶ the animals exclaimed in surprise -̶ Not even the bear scared the goat.

But the wasp had a plan. It told them to move aside from the door and they all did that. The wasp found a small hole and got in the house. Once in there, the wasp started stinging the goat from every side. The goat opened the door and ran for its life. Its goatskin was swollen and dragging on the ground while the goat was running.

- WOW, look what the small wasp did to the goat. It is incredible how such a small creature achieved what we couldn’t.


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