• María de Blas Aranda

A day-trip to Cishmichioi

There is no longer any doubt about the richness of the Gagauzian traditions and culture, its breath-taking landscapes, its interesting history, its delicious gastronomy and the hospitality of its inhabitants. An example of all this is Cishmichioi, a small village located about 300 meters from the Ukrainian border. The Miras Moldova team had the magnificent opportunity to get to know this wonderful village from the hand of one of its inhabitants, Dmitri Yanu.

Our first stop was at the public library, where they have a large collection of Gagauz books, some of then have even an English/Russian translation! Inside the little building there is also a room with different Gagauz relics: weeding dresses, ornaments, tapestries, old tools… You can find everything there and get an idea of how Gagauz people used to live hundred of years ago. We even had the opportunity to dress up with traditional costumes with around one hundred of years.

After a lovely break at the library, our personal guide, Dmitri, guided us to the Local Ethnographic Museum. There, some of our volunteers learned to use a loom, the machine with which the Gagauzian women used to weave the typical and gigantic tapestries and carpets that cannot be absent in any Gagauz house.

Right next to the Ethnographic Museum there is the Lenin’s statue, the biggest in all Moldova, as Dmitri told us. We also took advantage of the September's good weather to walk around and visit the place where some archaeologists found bones of mammoths. The views there were absolutely breath-taking…

In the afternoon, we were glad to visit Dmitri’s ostrich farm, where his mother and grandmother work taking care of this gigantic animals. They were very sneaky and very difficult to take good pictures, but we tried very hard, here are the proofs:

Dmitri and his family were kindly enough to host in his guest house. We had a warm dinner with them and the rooms, of course, were decorated with Gagauzian tapestries.

It was a wonderful trip that we will never forget!

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