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Dimitri Savastin's exhibition

"I admire Gaugauzian culture and people" spoke out Dimitri Savastin during the confidential paint exhibit held in his house in Comrat during an interview made by Miras Moldova organization.

Mr. Savastin is one of the main Gagauzian painters and he sold his artwork wide world during his travels. While he was getting a degree at the Poligraphic University in L'vov, he was a member of the USSR Art Union. Although he was from Vulcanest, after graduation he lived in Comrat for a while where he became a close friend of Dimitri Karaçoban, the famous Gagauzian poet who founded the Gagauzian museum in Beshalma and was a high supporter of the Gagauzian art and culture. Later on Mr. Savastin moved to Turkey, where he lived for 12 years and received the Grand Prix award.

The painter bases all his artworks on the Gagauzian folk culture because he respects "Gagauzian people and their history" and he wants to show the world the great Gagauzian identity. He is particularly interested in Gagauzian legends and fairytales, as his paints point out in this brief gallery.

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Miras-Moldova works to raise awareness of the Gagauzian culture, encourage social integration of ethnic minorities into Moldovan society and to save the cultural heritage of the Moldovan population.


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