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Father Kosmas: an American Orthodox monk in Gagauzia.

Last month, Gagauzia and especially the city of Comrat had the great honor to welcome Kosmas Shartz, a monk from St John monastery which is located near the town of Manton in the area of the Cascade Mountains near Mt. Lassen National Park in the state of California He accepted to answer our questions with smile and kindness so as to tell us about his stay, the purposes of his coming. He also confided his impressions and feelings about the many encounters and meetings during this full period in which he was tremendously solicited and people and organizations who really wanted to seize the opportunity of his presence to throw the light on the Gagauz's culture through their great welcome and warmth.

In this full interview, he interestingly tells us about the main goal of his visit in Gagauzia: how started the learning of the Gagauz language learnt through the internet, “a language which is spoken by about half a million orthodox Christians in certain Moldova” - closely related to the Turkish and Greek experiences he went through years ago - and the way he managed to correspond with members of the Orthodox Church here. He speaks about the different places he went to during his journey and the people he could "meet face to face" for the first time since he was in contact with them. As well, he gives more detail about how he eventually met up with people in Russia and Gagauzia who wanted him to join a common work project gathering the language and the Orthodox religion together: the translation of the Bible in Gagauz, starting firstly with the Four Gospels.

No doubt that the Gagauz people knew that his presence was a great asset to promote the culture and put the light on a language which is part of the identity of the autonomous land of Gagauzia.

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