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The Female Gagauz Artists

As a Spanish volunteer in Gagauzia, one of the things that shocked me the most in the beginning was the difference in the treatment of women in daily actions. For example, men shake hands between them but not with women. In Spain this would be strange so I wanted to know more about women's in this area.

Thinking about it the Regional Art Gallery of Comrat announced the exhibition ‘Women of Gagauzia in plastic arts’ for Women’s day on 8 March. What an opportunity! I ran to visit the huge amount of paintings and handicrafts that these women did. They were really impressive and beautiful, I must say.

Talking with Olga Ungureanu, the director of the Gallery, I realized the useful task that the centre does in order to promote the arts in the region giving the chance for both amateur and professional artists to exhibit their works.

Ungureanu also told me about the muslim mentality heritage that has undermined the woman situation in Gagauzia.

So besides my curiosity towards the art I began to ask myself: can be any kind of gender discrimination in arts? The three female artists interviewed answer: no. However, there are more things for women to be done in society, as states Lilia Kurteva.

Art, as they say, is a platform where man and women are at the same level and the most important thing is the work done.

“Do not have fear to paint, to make mistakes, even if you are young”, they recommend.

Check the video to know how they paint, their opinion of the situation of women in art and what art gives to them.

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