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Fidenjik Centre makes and Celebrates Martisor

The Fidenjik Rehabilitation Center: children, youngsters, workers and the Miras Moldova’s volunteer, Carlota, wish you a good spring (весна is the translation in Russian)!

The team of Fidenjik has prepared “Martisor” to welcome spring. They have made beautiful forms and shapes with the red and white strings that distinguish this custom.

“Martisor” is a Moldovan tradition that commemorates the beginning of spring. It is also a talisman that relatives and friends make and give to each other desiring and attracting health and wealth for the new season.

Do you want to know how they have done “Martisor”? Watch this video!

Some of these creations are given as a present to parents. The others decorate the “Spring Tree” of the centre that will bring all a lot of joy.

In the process of creation, it is amazing to see how concentrate children and youngsters are. How they focus so much on each single step of the craft. Their eyes have only one direction, on the martisor, and their breath remains smooth. For one moment, they are in a calmly silence.

They also gain the ability to do it and, helped by workers and Carlota, our volunteer, their hands turn into goldsmith ones (wish you have been there to see them by yourself!).

They have made them in one group so they have helped each other to succeed and have fun, enhancing team work, cooperation and promoting a friendly environment.

Concentration: guiding the red string to the right, guiding the white string to the left. But never forget to laugh!

Hey, Valery! Can you show me your work? Great!

In the end, all the people of Fidenjik have spent a good time and have learnt how to make this traditional talisman. They hope their work will bring the best spring and a happy year to everyone.

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