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Gagauz Şarap Yortusu-2016

Sunday 6 November 2016, 9 am: The square, transformed into a traditional village, receives its final preparations.

The grills ignite and the lambs begin to turn over the embers.

In the improvised market filled with tables laden with a profusion of artisinal crafts, visitors commence their rounds.

They come to admire and why not to acquire one of these handmade wonders, ranging from the traditional Gagauz gourd made from empty pumpkins, wooden sculptures, Moldovan bracelets, sheepskins, decorated vests and a variety of other craft. And a special mention for the sublime canvases designed not with paint, but with different seeds. The result leaves admirers speachless.

Honestly, what did we come for?

The wine, of course! All the wineries of Gagauzia and some from other parts of Moldova are present – the larger as well as the more modest producers. In each of the small, temporary village-style houses the wine flows and the food flies, the tables are covered with typical Moldovan and Bulgarian dishes and of course the traditional “karavai” pie that is reserved for big occasions.

And here I go again with the food.

Now back to the wine... it is everywhere, but everyone celebrates in their own way.

Gypsies and their sensual steps, “Düz Ava dancers” and “Evelki Düz Ava”, musicians and singers.

And at the end of the lane, the stage where the artists parade : “БИС-КВИТ” from St. Petersburg, “Vitalii Manjul,” a Gagauzian rapper and local artist, and many more besides.

Our dear Bashkan is also present to enjoy the festivities and award the day's prize to the Tomai winery.

The barrels are emptied as fast as the plates, the roasted lambs are carcasses now, the songs are louder and in the audience, the steps falter from the blush of wine.

But the night has already fallen. The sparse crowd, satiated and intoxicated, leaves. Only those responsible for clearing the way and a few stragglers remain.

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