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Gagauz Costume Festival

The city of Vulcanest held this past September the National Gagauz Costume Festival. After some problems related to an epidemic of measles, the local authorities managed to celebrate this big event in which people from diverse countries (Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Moldova) gathered together to share their dances, music, food and, of course, costumes.

More than 120 national festive attires of Gagauz, Bulgarians and other ethnic groups in Moldova were exhibited at the Festival. Also, modern indigenous costumes were presented. The oldest presented festive attire was made about 100 years ago Through all those different fields, the festival unites the Gagauz people spread in different parts of the globe and brought important personalities and authorities from Moldova, Russia, Turkey, and Azerbaijan, among other countries. It was an opportunity for Gagauzia to display its cultural wealth and talents.

The event started early in the morning at the city center where the diverse collectives performed their dances while live music was played. Each participant was wearing a different traditional costume and this allowed the public to see the main differences between, for example, a festive costume of Bulgarian tradition and one of Ukrainian tradition.

Afterwards, in a fashion runway, the costumes were presented with all detail to the public who was able to understand the specific characteristics of each costume. People of all ages participated in the event and continued to dance once the catwalk ended due to the enormous success of the festival.

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