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Gagauzian Dreams #3 - Tolya

Dreams are an important part of a person’s personality and a country’s mentality. Last time, we asked Gagauz children about theirs. But how about adolescents? We may have found an answer to that question at the sports lyceum in Comrat.

A tall young man is sitting on the stairs right in front of the “Региональный спортивный лицей-интернат г. Комрат”, the regional sports lyceum and boarding school of Comrat city. It is a hot, sunny day and trying to find a shadowy spot has turned out to be pointless. The school year is going to end in two days. For Tolya – that’s his name – it was the last one. His plans for the future look exactly like what one would have assumed for someone who goes to a school where sports is an essential part of the timetable: he wants to be a professional football player and play football for many years. Yet, despite years of intensive training, he doesn’t think that he is going to be successful. “I don’t see where I will be in 15 years”, the brown-eyed boy says.

However, his biggest dream is to travel, to get to know other countries and their people. Specifically, he would like to go to Germany or France, because “they are very good countries, many people live there and they have many really good football teams”. When he was little, he actually dreamt of joining one of those teams. More realistic than he was before, he still cannot imagine doing anything else other than football. When asked what he intends to do when he is not able to play anymore, he just laughs and says, “sleep”.

Other aspects of his future life seem more certain. For example, Tolya is quite sure that he wants to have a family. He is convinced that “family is the number one in every person’s life”. For himself, he wants a wife and two children, a boy and a girl. The thought of them is a big motivation for him: “I want to make a future for my children: much money and a good education, school and university.” By no means, he wants them to become them professional sportsmen. Instead, he would like them to teach for a living, as he considers this a safe profession.

Although the blond football player is so fond of traveling, he is still pretty patriotic, too. In fact, he states that he would not change anything in nowaday’s Gagauzia, although he appreciates certain changes in the past, like the downfall of the Soviet Union or improvements in infrastructure like schools or streets. In his opinion “Gagauzia is great. Gagauzian population is the number one in the world.”


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