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Halloween Party

What to do on Halloween? It is always difficult to know what to do on Halloween and in Comrat that question becomes harder to answer. However, our volunteers decided to change the situation and organize their own party. With the help of Bahadir, who let them use the wonderful Kafe Türk, our four volunteers began decorating the place. Balloons, ghosts, bats and even a Jack O'lantern were seen all over the place. Little by little it began to look like a good place to celebrate Halloween. But what to offer to the guests at the party?

Our volunteers made pumpkin soup and sandwiches. Everything was ready: the music, the decoration, the food... Finally, the guests arrived and with them started the games and quizzes. Among the games the one that caught the most attention was "the mummy". Those present were divided into 3 groups and each group had to choose a person to disguise as a mummy as quickly as possible using toilet paper.

Finally, the question was answered. If you want to do something on Halloween, do it yourself and enjoy it.

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