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International Wrestling Competition in Gagauzia

Gaidar celebrated on the 2nd of July a wrestling competition that gathered together athletes from Moldova, Ukraine, Turkey, Belarus, Bulgaria, United States and Gagauzia thanks to the good relations between the trainers.

Wrestling is a tradition in Gagauzia. “It is the main sport”, said Kuznetsov Valerii, the Gagauz organizer. “As Gagauz people belong to the Turkish spoken community we like a lot wrestling. It is in our blood. It is a tradition that passes from parents to children”. The result is many competitive athletes that participate in the World Championships and in the Olympic Games.

The American delegation (coach and wrestlers in the image below) was represented by ‘Athletes in Action’ which is a Christian organization that has been 3 years doing a summer camp in Moldova that includes wrestling trainings during the day and bible activities at night open to all Christians.

“We combine sport and faith which increases the health and the spiritualism of our athletes”, said Stephen Barrett the leader of the group.

“The thing that has shocked us the most about the people here is their hospitality”, said the American wrestlers who also realized about differences between Gagauz and Moldovan people.

Athletes in Action develop similar activities all around the world like in Ukraine, Mongolia or Guatemala.

Gagauzia will keep organizing more wrestling activities. On the 10th of July there is one in Besghioz due to the village celebration.


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