• María de Blas Aranda

Kazaklia's Opening Ethnographic Museum

The ethnographic museum of Kazaklia is an example of citizen collaboration. After two months of hard work, last Friday 18 October took place the opening ceremony of the museum, whose pieces have been donated by the villagers themselves.

The small building where the gallery is located was built in 1964, and for years served as a little market where merchants rented the rooms in order to sell their products. However, the building has been empty for almost three years, so several Kazak people proposed converting it into a museum.

The reparation of the building began on 24th August, thanks to the great effort of Kazaklia's own neighbours, who volunteered to rebuild it, sometimes helping until midnight.

Elena Terbi, a museum worker, explained that they received more than 800 objects, many of them authentic relics that are more than 100 years old and that have also been donated by villagers. Many of these pieces have a tremendous value, like antique coins or jewelry.

Several members of the Gagauzian parliament attended the opening ceremony, where they congratulated the people of Kazaklia.


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