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Martisor Celebration in Gagauzia

In Moldova spring is the most expected season and is accompanied by the “Martisor” celebration. The celebration starts on the 1st of March when people give each other red and white talismans called martisor which are supposed to bring people health and wealth for the new season.

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Comrat celebrates Martisor with a festival

The city of Comrat welcomed March with the traditional party of Martisor: Gagauzians from different places and ages performed several folkloric dances and songs.

No one wanted to miss the opportunity and at 5 p.m. of the 1st of March the theatre of the Culture House of Comrat was full and people had to stand in the corridors during the two hours of the show.

Participants displayed tons of passion and concentration in their amazing dances. This attitude was written in their tense faces, fast movements, strong steps, powerful jumps and loud shouts.

Groups of dancers wore national and colourful costumes which were used in every day life many years ago. Embroidered blouses and skirts for women; embroidered shirts, decorated hats and big belts for men, and both wore shoes with laces that get tied around the ankle.

Culture is intergenerational and folklore is for everyone, as shown both six years old children who began to dance some months ago and groups that have been dancing together for more than 40 years and they keep doing it with a lot of energy and enthusiasm.

Vulcanesti and Ceadr Lunga hosted similar parties in order to bring “Martisor” and Gagauzian culture to every single corner of the region. We hope all the artists will come back to the stage soon to delight us with more performances. At the moment, they have taken off their heels.

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