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May 9th: Victory Day in Comrat

“Comrades! Fellow countrymen and countrywomen! The great day of victory over Germany has arrived. Fascist Germany, having bowed before the Red Army and the troops of our allies, has acknowledged defeat and surrendered unconditionally. (…) Now we can state with complete assurance that the historic day of Germany’s utter defeat has arrived, the great day of our victory of our people over German imperialism”. - Stalin’s victory broadcast to the Soviet people, 9th May 1945.

As each May the 9th, people from Comrat gathered at the Second World War Memorial to celebrate Soviet victory against Nazis. People present their respect for those who fight by placing flowers in front of the memorial, some of them went with the pictures of relatives that participated in the battle.

“The great sacrifices we made in the name of the freedom and independence of our motherland, the incalculable hardship and suffering endured by our people during the war, (…), were not in vain, but have been crowned with complete victory over our enemies.”

Second World War ended with the life’s of more than 50 million people, from those, more than the half were from the Soviet Union. In total, more than 27 million of soviet people died during the war, a significant amount were civils and not-combatants.

At the celebration in Comrat, many people wore the ribbon of St. George (Сан Георгий in Russian), a ribbon whose colours represent the fire of the battles (orange) and the smoke (black). Some people also wore military costumes, similar from the Soviet Army.

In the morning, some students read aloud poems as a token of gratitude to war veterans. In the evening, it took place a moving theatrical and musical performance about the times of war.

For post-soviet countries, and for the rest of the Nations also, it’s very important to preserve the memory of this terrible events. Remembering our history is the only way not to repeat it again.

“The era of war in Europe has ended. An era of peaceful development is beginning. I congratulate you, my dear countrymen and countrywomen. Glory to our heroic Red Army, which defended the independence of our Motherland and secured victory over our enemies! Glory to our great people, the people victorious! Eternal glory to the heroes who fell in battle against the enemy and gave their lives for the freedom and happiness of our people!”

If you want to know more about this celebration, check the video below!


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