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The Meeting of Civilizations - Painting Symposium

This August, the Gagauz Art Gallery held the 7th symposium of Gagauz art “The meeting of civilizations”. Professors and artists from various countries such as Poland, Turkey or Canada show their works along with Gagauz artists in this event. It was an important date for local artists and it brought the opportunity to learn more thanks to the cultural exchange. According to the words of Andrey Dmitrievich Ivarlak, “A new art in Gagauzia is just beginning its development” and these symposiums are food, “food to improve our future works”.

In the days before the final exhibition, talented artists of every age gathered in the gallery to exchange ideas to keep developing local art, talking about their experiences, but also learning some new ways and techniques of painting. According to Viktoria Kara, a Gagauz painter, bringing artists from other countries is a big step for Gagauz art in terms of growth of the artwork, and “it puts in a new level the vision of local and foreign painters and how Gagauz art is perceived in the world”.

The symposium reflects the desire to improve Gagauz art further and, in order to do that, they discussed also the problems they encountered in bringing more people closer to art in the region. The main problem, said Vladimir Topal, a Gagauz artist living in Canada, seems to be the preservation of their artworks. Without a museum or somewhere to keep the paintings, the art is not going to be able to reach new people and let others learn about it. It will eventually disappear.

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