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In Comrat, Gagauzia, a new Church Opened its Doors

Thursday November 10th , at 8a.m. : in Comrat, Gagauzia, a new church opened its doors. Next to the cemetery and west of the city, “Saint Elie” now stands.

The roof is sparkling but the walls are still naked, puzzles of rough concrete and dark mortar. Construction began in February 2014. It was pretty quick work, and now the house of prayer is ready to welcome the parishioners.

The opening morning, devotees gathered early to commune for the first time within this new religious venue. The ornamentation is sparse, but the essential furnishings for the ceremony are present. And let there be light! The many windows and the white walls fill the room with a soft clarity, providing an ideal setting for contemplation.

Spellbound by the liturgical chants, the believers approached a central icon, bowing their heads to kiss the frame in worship. After the crowd's procession in front of the church's icon, the people split in two to pave the way for the many priests who followed the bishop of Comrat and Cahul diocese: Bishop Anatoly.

The Bishop presided over the ceremony. Two of the visiting popes helped him adorn his “Light Vesture” in front of the altar. The ensemble of priests followed the church walls to bless the different rooms and icons of the church.

One of the icons, the church's namesake“Saint Elie,” was donated by a Comrat resident. The elderly woman wanted to help her community seek its salvation, believing that “the most important is peace and health”.

After the ceremony a meal was organized for priests and parishioners, who together enjoyed good food and a few last canticles, performed in A Capella.


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