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Ostas Piotr´s adventures in Redon, France

Hello everybody!

My name is Ostas Piotr. I was born in Comrat in 1993 and I grew up in Congazcicul de Sus, a small village near Comrat. My primary school and gymnasium were both in my village. Since 2009 I participated in a volunteering project about ecology in my village. Me and some other volunteers cleaned the village´s river. After this successful project I also volunteered in the organization “Youth Ligue” in Comrat. In 2011 I started working for the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) “Pro-Europa”, which works with young people and tries to educate them about the European Union and Europe in general.

One year later I went to Romania to study Public Administration in the University “Petru Maior” in Tărgu-Mures. During my study I learned a lot of new things and I met new people. My university also provided the program “Erasmus +” and during my master degree in I did traineeships in ”Firat University” from Elazığ, Turkey, ”Salento University” from Lecce, Italy, and University ”Celal Bayar din Manisa” Turkey. These experiences were really important to me because I learned new languages and practiced my English and my Turkish. I met new people and learned a lot of interesting things about the Turkish and the Italian culture.

During my university studies I got to know the program “European Volunteering Service” (EVS) and after my graduation I started to search for different projects they have abroad. I found one project in Redon, France that suited my wishes. During the next 10 months I will be part of the “Vocational School Notre Dame” in this city. I will represent and teach French people about the Republic of Moldova and the ATU Gagauzia, I will organize a Russian club for the students of my school and take part in another project of the school. To me volunteering is always a good opportunity to learn interesting things, get to know new people and help others. Furthermore, this experience shows me what to do to be happy.

I want to express my gratitude for the team of the NGO „Miras-Moldova” from Comrat, Moldova and also to „MAPAR” from Redon. They helped me to find my way to my EVS in France and I thank them for that. Last but not least I want to say: Don’t think too much about what you´re afraid of and, and open borders through volunteering.

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Miras-Moldova works to raise awareness of the Gagauzian culture, encourage social integration of ethnic minorities into Moldovan society and to save the cultural heritage of the Moldovan population.


Miras-Moldova also supports families of disabled youth from surrounding communities. Volunteers from the public administration work with individuals with a range of disabilities including physical, sensory, mental and learning disabilities.

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