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'Reduce, Reuse and Recycle' Awareness Campaign

Miras Moldova’s volunteers Carlota and Álvaro have begun a awareness campaign in Comrat on reducing, reusing and recycling materials. In the last week of classes they have gone to schools to make presentations about this topic in front of pupils from 14 to 17 years old.

The students have learnt in the workshop how to use products efficiently with the 3R that are strategies to develop habits for a sustainable consumption in order to reduce the volume of wastes generated and to respect the environment.

The first R is to reduce the consumption of products and the amount of wastes. It is the most important and has the less negative enviromental impact. The second R is to reuse an object to give it as many lives as possible before throwing it (second hand goods are also included). The third R is to recycle which means exploit a material turning it into a new product. The good news are that almost everything can be reduced, reused and recycled.

The students have come out with actions to develop the 3R in the school and at home and they have presented them in front of the class. These are some of their ideas:

  • Use the solar light instead of bulbs.

  • Take a shower, not a bath.

  • Disconnect the plug of electronic devices when it is not needed.

  • Recycle food into compost which is a fertilizer.

  • Put all the paper used in the school in specific boxes for recycling.

  • Water the plants reusing water.

  • Give a second use to the abandoned sport material.

  • Buy second hand products.

We also realized how difficult is for the citizens of Gagauzia to do the 3R due to the lack of facilities like recycling containers. Miras Moldova is working on this.


Miras-Moldova works to raise awareness of the Gagauzian culture, encourage social integration of ethnic minorities into Moldovan society and to save the cultural heritage of the Moldovan population.


Miras-Moldova also supports families of disabled youth from surrounding communities. Volunteers from the public administration work with individuals with a range of disabilities including physical, sensory, mental and learning disabilities.

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