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SALTO's Visit

On May 31 the organization SALTO (Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities within the European youth program) came to visit us. It provides youth work and training resources and organizes training and contact-making activities to support organizations and National Agencies working within Erasmus+.

SALTO members came to our office where we talked about us and our different projects in Gagauzia. Anna Celac, the coordinator, explained them the main themes we are managing right now and introduced a part of the staff members (Sveta, Marat and Livia, the future coordinator) and the current volunteers (Juan and Julie).

Once in the street, we shared with SALTO our points of view on EVS and our experiences as workers and volunteers who help develop this project. During the walk, the mayor of Comrat met with us and welcomed SALTO organization to the city.

Afterwards, we continued our talk in a restaurant, where the discussion went through diverse topics, most of them related to Moldova and its future status after 2020. The perspectives of EVS and the Moldovan status towards Europe and youth development once National Development Strategy («Moldova 2020») comes to an end.


Miras-Moldova works to raise awareness of the Gagauzian culture, encourage social integration of ethnic minorities into Moldovan society and to save the cultural heritage of the Moldovan population.


Miras-Moldova also supports families of disabled youth from surrounding communities. Volunteers from the public administration work with individuals with a range of disabilities including physical, sensory, mental and learning disabilities.

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