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Training for trainers on Peace and Human Rights Education, Hameau de Vaunières, France

This is with the target of furthering the development and improving the results of the 2010 project “Volunteering 2011 - Global Strategies for Global Challenges” run by CCIVS, that the training "Trainers on Peace and Human Rights Education" was held in St Julien en Beauchêne, Hameau de Vaunieres The main idea was to strengthen the role of international voluntary service organisations as key players in the field of Peace and Human Rights Education and promote their values through their actions and activeness.

Several aim and objectives were fulfilled during the training:

  • Provide participants with an understanding of the history, principles and values promoted through Peace and Human Rights Education as well as through international voluntary service activities

  • Define and reflect on the causes, levels and functions of conflicts or human rights violations

  • Develop participants' abilities to implement and lead peace and human rights educational activities

  • Develop participants’ skills related to intercultural learning

  • Enable participants to use communication tools and educational materials in order to promote peace and human rights education

The results of these were : - to raise awareness on Human Rights and Peace construction all over Europe, underlining the fact that construction of peace is the result of the construction of a fair, inclusive, diverse, sustainable and participative society - to increase the number of trainers with an expertise in Peace and Human Rights Education and able to act as multipliers - to increase visibility of the results achieved in the Peace and Human Rights thematic area of action in order to achieve a higher impact


Miras-Moldova works to raise awareness of the Gagauzian culture, encourage social integration of ethnic minorities into Moldovan society and to save the cultural heritage of the Moldovan population.


Miras-Moldova also supports families of disabled youth from surrounding communities. Volunteers from the public administration work with individuals with a range of disabilities including physical, sensory, mental and learning disabilities.

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