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Victory Day

Each 9 May, a parade is held in Comrat to celebrate the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany.

For this celebration, the town meets in the main street and everyone parades together to the war monument “Героям-Освободителям” on the outskirts of the Old Cemetery with flowers in hand. The emotional ceremony celebrates with stories, where several Comrat citizens recount their experiences and memories of the war. They urge us to not forget the destruction, massacre and pain that the war brought.

In 1940, when the Victory Day presenters were just children, Bessarabia was taken by the Soviet Union, who had given an ultimatum to Romania to deliver Bessarabia and the northern region of Bucovina. Bessarabia is a region in Eastern Europe bordered by the Dniester River on the east and the Prut River on the west. Today the Majority of Bessarabia is part of the modern-day Moldova, with the Ukrainian Budjak region comprising the southern coastal region and part of the Ukrainian Chernivtsi Oblast covering a small area in the north.

One year later, Romania and its ally Nazi Germany recaptured the Bessarabia territory as a result of the larger Operation Barbarossa. Romania had partnered with Germany for Operation Barbarossa to overtake territories that were then occupied by the Soviet Union. This partnership moved forward in spite of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, which had established peace between the two powers. On April of 1994, Transnitria, Bessarabia and Bucovina were recovered by Soviet Moldova.

The event was finalized with all of the town making a queue, and each person left flowers at the memorial that honors the war’s fallen.


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Miras-Moldova also supports families of disabled youth from surrounding communities. Volunteers from the public administration work with individuals with a range of disabilities including physical, sensory, mental and learning disabilities.

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